Service Times: Sundays @ 9:30am & 6:00pm
914 LIberty St, Pella, IA 50219
(641) 628-2321

(641) 628-2321
914 Liberty St, Pella, IA 50219

Service Times:
Sundays @ 9:30am & 6:00pm


10-20-2019 ~ AM “”Imitate”

“Following Jesus” is a phrase we use to describe a Christian.  We see disciples in the Bible physically following Jesus, but what does that mean for us today?  We begin a new sermon series where we will explore that very question.  So whether you are simply interested in what it means to follow Jesus or are already following Him, we invite you to walk with us for four Sundays and discover what it means to follow Jesus through a sermon series called The “I” in Follow.  The first message will be based on Mark 1:16-20 and is called Imitate.    


10-13-2019 ~ AM “Disciples Multiplied”

We will close out our sermon series entitled Something More by looking at the last aspect of our vision which is Disciples Multiplied.  We will turn with Pastor Brad to I Corinthians 13:1-3.  Continue to pray that we will “Connect People to Jesus” so that the result is “Disciples Made, Matured, Multiplied.”

9-22-2019 ~ AM “Disciples”

We will continue in our sermon series called Something More by turning to the VISION of Connect Church, which is “Disciples Made, Matured, Multiplied.”  We will break down this statement over the next 4 weeks and we will begin with what it means for us to be Disciples of Jesus.  To do that, Pastor Brad invites you to read with him this week Mark 5:1-20.  


9-15-2019 ~ AM “A Call to Connect”

We are going to begin a new sermon series entitled Something More.  Recently as a church, we have changed the verbiage of our Mission and Vision Statement.  Our new Mission is CONNECT PEOPLE TO JESUS and our Vision is DISCIPLES MADE, MATURED, MULTIPLIED.  We will take the next 5 Sundays to explore what Connect Church is all about and what we believe God is calling us to be.  Please join us as we begin by looking at our Mission by turning to Mark 1:40-45 through a sermon called A Call to Connect.